"I am Scientist"

- provides an opportunity for the young minds out there to explore this world and beyond. A child is surrounded by a living, moving, thrilling world of actions and a child has many questions that require answers. Like…


Why thunder and lighting don’t hit at the same time?


How ship is not sinking?


Where can we see aurora?

” I am scientist” is a result of small effort to make huge impact on children. To stimulate the curiosity of young scientist towards science.

On an average children will ask 250-300 questions per day. Practically parents can’t answer all of them, hence “Iamscientist” is one-stop solution for the children to learn self-learning and start exploring things on their own. As said self-learn is the best learn. All great science genius are self-learners moreover they all had curiosity towards their surrounding, which leads to marvelous findings.

So to start, each idea will start with an experimental video followed by reasoning the result , scientific learning behind the reasoning, vocabulary (recap the big words used), useful reference website and books, along with free downloadable worksheets for the children to practice.

Unique way of learning!

The child may not be aware of the process of getting knowledge is by questioning, doing and finding out. This site will help them to get hold of that process in a fun and creative way. Basic topics are covered, simple definition, pointing out real time scenario and worksheet for practice.
Experiment Video

Experiment Video

Each post will start with an experimental video, to kick start the curiosity among the children. Before proceeding further, children can duplicate the experiment by themselves with the help of an adult.



Detailed explanation about the experiment result will be given in simple words for easy understanding. Under this section the explanation will not refer any scientific terms, so that the children will get a clear picture about the finding.

Scientific Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning

Under scientific reasoning, elaborate explanation will be given about the topic. Scientific terms will be introduced and all explanation will be aided with picture for easy understanding.



Vocabulary (Definition for big science words used) , Free downloadable worksheet for practice and Further reference links and related books will be given.

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