Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

Natural resources like windtides, solar, biomass, etc generate energy which is known as “Non-conventional resources“. These are pollution free and hence we can use these to produce a clean form of energy without any wastage.

The various sources are given below:
1. Solar Energy:

Energy produced through the sunlight is called solar energy. Under this programme, solar photo voltaic cells are exposed to sunlight and in the form of electricity is produced. Photo voltaic cells are those which convert sun light energy into electricity. In year 1999-2000, 975 villages were illuminated through solar energy. Under Solar Thermal Programme, solar energy is directly obtained. Sunlight is converted into thermal power. Solar energy is used for cooking, hot water and distillation of water etc.

2. Wind Energy:

This type of energy can be produced by harnessing wind power. It is used for operating water pumps for irrigation purposes. Approximately 2756 wind pumps were set up for this purpose.

In seven states, wind power operated power houses were installed and their installed capacity was 1000 MW. India has second position in wind power energy generation.

3. Tidal Energy:

Energy produced by exploiting the tidal waves of the sea is called tidal energy. Due to the absence of cost effective technology, this source has not yet been tapped.

4. Bio Energy:

This type of energy is obtained from organic matter.

(i) Bio Gas:

Bio Gas is obtained from Gobar Gas Plant by putting cow dung into the plant. Besides producing gas this plant converts gobar into manure.

It can be used for cooking, lighting and generation of electricity. 26.5 lakh bio gas plants had been established by the year 2003-04.

They produce more than 225 lakh tonnes of manure. About 1828 large community bio gas plants have been established in the country.

(ii) Bio Mass:

It is also of a source of producing energy through plants and trees. The purpose of bio mass programme is to encourage afforestation for energy.

So that fuel for the generation of energy based on gas technique and fodder for the cattle could be obtained, 56 MW capacity for the generation of bio mass energy has been installed.

Urban waste poses a big problem for its disposal. Now it can be used for generation of power. In Timarpur (Delhi) a power Ration of 3.75 capacity has been set up to generate energy from the garbage.

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