Wi-Fi is a popular wireless networking technology. Wi-Fi stands for “wireless fidelity”. The Wi-Fi was invented by NCR corporation/AT&T in Netherlands in 1991. By using this technology we can exchange the information between two or more devices. Wi-Fi has been developed for mobile computing devices, such has laptops, but it is now extensively using for mobile applications and consumer electronics like televisions, DVD players and digital cameras. There should be two possibilities in communicating with the Wi-Fi connection that may be through access point to the client connection or client to client connection. Wi-Fi is a one type of wireless technology. It is commonly called as wireless LAN (local area network). Wi-Fi allows local area networks to operate without cable and wiring. It is making popular choice for home and business networks. A computer’s wireless adapter transfers the data into a radio signal and transfers the data into antenna for users.

Working Principle:

Wi-Fi is a high speed internet connection and network connection without use of any cables or wires. The wireless network is operating three essential elements that are radio signals, antenna and router. The radio waves are keys which make the Wi-Fi networking possible. The computers and cell phones are ready with Wi-Fi cards. Wi-Fi compatibility has been using a new creation to constituent within the ground connected with community network. The actual broadcast is connected with in sequence in fact it is completed by way of stereo system surf as well as the worth of wires with monitor to classification prone. Wi-Fi allows the person in order to get access to web any place in the actual provided area. You can now generate a system within Resorts, library, schools, colleges, campus, personal institutes, as well as espresso stores as well as on the open public spot to help to make your company much more lucrative as well as interact with their own customer whenever. Wi-Fi compatibility can make surf with stare to company using their inspiring cable television much a smaller amount force down.

The radio signals are transmitted from antennas and routers that signals are picked up by Wi-Fi receivers, such has computers and cell phones that are ready with Wi-Fi cards. Whenever the computer receives the signals with in the range of 100-150 feet for router it connect the device immediately. The range of the Wi-Fi is depends upon the environment, indoor or outdoor ranges. The Wi-Fi cards will read the signals and create an internet connection between user and network. The speed of the device using Wi-Fi connection increases as the computer gets closer to the main source and speed is decreases computer gets further away.

                                           WI-FI Connections
WI-FI Connections

Many new laptops, mobile phones have inbuilt Wi-Fi card you don’t have to do any thing which is one of the best thing. If it is a free- based type of network connection the user will be promoted with a login id and password. The free base network connections also well in some areas. The Wi-Fi network connection is creating hot spots in the cities. The hot spots are a connection point of Wi-Fi network. It is a small box that is hardwired in to the internet. There are many Wi-Fi hot spots available in public places like restaurants, airports, and hotels offices, universities etc.

Types of WI-FI Technologies:

Currently they are four major types of WIFI technologies.

  • Wi-Fi-802.11a
  • Wi-Fi-802.11b
  • Wi-Fi-802.11g
  • Wi-Fi-802.11n

802.11a is the one of a series of wireless technology. That defines the format and structure of the radio signals sent out by WI-FI networking routers and antennas.



  • Wireless laptop can be moved from one place to another place
  • Wi-Fi network communication devices without wire can reduce the cost of wires.
  • Wi-Fi setup and configuration is easy than cabling process
  • It is completely safe and it will not interfere with any network
  • We can also connect internet via hot spots
  • We can connect internet wirelessly


  • Wi-Fi generates radiations which can harm the human health
  • We must disconnect the Wi-Fi connection whenever we are not using the server
  • There are some limits to transfer the data, we cant able to transfer the data for long distance
  • Wi-Fi implementation is very expensive when compared to the wired connection

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